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Why Recommend Hostgator Web Hosting

 Why Recommend Hostgator Web Hosting
Why would you recommend Hostgator web hosting? It would really depend on who would be using it, but a safe and concise answer would be yes you should recommend Hostgator hosting. The primary reason for this is because Hostgator provides the best service for web hosting as well as it gives new and old customers great discounts through the use of Hostgator Coupons. Just check out the Hostgator coupons available on the right hand site of this website.
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So what exactly are the things that you should recommend to your friends about Hostgator and web hosting services?
Hostgator provides unlimited disk storage, unlimited monthly bandwidth, domain hosting (for add on domains), fast and reliable tech support, as well as a 99.9% guaranteed uptime for your website.
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Hostgator Web Hosting
The leading force in the web hosting industry also offers aside from its Hostgator coupons, a 45-day money back guarantee, a free $100 Google AdWords coupon, a cPanel Control Panel, Fantastico – a software that installs WP blogs in mere seconds, as well as access to flexible and easy to use site builders.  The package also comes with great bonuses such as free site and domain transfer, and over 4,500 free website templates.
Finally, the pride and joy of Hostgator lies in its live technical support system that provides excellent care for clients.  The company may just provide 99.9% guarantees on up-times but they can surely deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
As mentioned previously, Hostgator hosting may not be recommendable for every business but everybody who is starting out can sure benefit from a feature or two in it’s package. A starting blogger can take advantage of the popular Hostgator coupons 2014 lying around the Internet to get more value when starting their own website.
Smart consumers who can really tell and predict the outcome of their online endeavors can also utilize Hostgator web hosting to earn money from it. Webmasters and bloggers can also use Hostgator hosting in propagating their websites and professional services across the Internet.
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