Friday, October 25, 2013

The Flaws and Strengths of Hostgator by Shane

The Flaws of Hostgator

1) Loading of site has been a problem when you buy the Shared Hosting of Hosting. Maybe you’re really thinking that they’re giving such fast loading, you’ll be disappointed because its not. Having that shared servers, you’ll just be sharing a server to several websites, of about seven to eight hundred. However, in terms of speed they’re better in terms of another host, although it renders slow service to visitors.

2) The site does not have a database to answer the very typical questions like that of Hosting or cPanel, and many related matters. However when your contacting them through their Helpdesk or Live Chat, they’ll answer every questions, yet it will really be of help having solid knowledge.

I thought of mentioning the flaws of Hostgator because other people the speed as well the knowledgebase is very important features to consider when hosting.

The Strenghts of Hostgator

1) The site gives me up to 100 percent up time since the time I begin my web-hosting account. I now host to over twenty seven domains to their webhosting, in a single account, its really excellent in service because I haven’t heard any complaint in those thousands of visitors visiting in a daily basis about those downtime and/or issues on server.

2) There are lots of webhosts services online this days yet the Hostgator service has been one of the best or should I say leader in hosting firms in their features and all. However, I like if they will introduce free offers of domain in every purchase, because its been promoted by lots of hosting companies these days.

Overall, i would rate the site: 8/10

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