Wednesday, October 30, 2013

popular HostGator Coupons 2014 – Benefits of One-Click Installer

HostGator Coupons 2014If you used a HostGator Coupons 2014 to purchase hosting services with the company, then you are going to get a lot more than just a place to set up your website. One of the most useful features that Hostgator has is the one-click installation center that can be found in the website administration panel.
The one-click installation center allows you to install popular software onto your website at the click of your mouse. Some of the software available includes WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, PHPBB, and Moodle. Instead of having to go through the sometimes arduous process of setting up a database and then unpacking and configuring the software on your site, the one-click installer does everything for you. All you usually need to do is enter in a few pieces of information such as the name of the site and an email address and you are ready to go.
Besides installation, the one-click installer program checks to make sure your server is compatible with the software you want to install. No more spending hours fiddling around with software, only to find out your server cannot run the program. The installer also notifies you when there are newer versions of the software you are using and can even be set up to automatically update the site. That’s just one less thing to worry about.
The one-click installer is free, so you don’t need HostGator Coupons 2014 to buy it. It’s just one of the many benefits of signing up for a Hostgator hosting account.

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