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HostGator Review

HostGator Review
Founded in 2002, Hostgator has grown in reputation as one of the biggest companies in webhosting services, complimented with a magnificent hardworking customer support, due to its grown reputation as one of the best webhosting providers; it is currently serving over one million websites. Hostgator is also known for its efforts of promoting a greener environment, as recently it did go completely green, making it the first webhosting company to do so. Hostgator is also suited for smaller businesses, thus no worries to shy away from it, as one will be able to get one of the best services.
HostGator has a vast number of top-notch features that essentially make it to maintain the competitive edge against its main rivals.

Customer care

With Hostgator, one is able to enjoy one of the top class customer support that one can never get anywhere; the customer care is usually on operation 24 hours a day seven days a week. The customer care is usually available to receive any queries that the clients might have and facilitate faster solving of problems so as not to inconvenience people. Hostgator employees are highly skilled, especially in the webhosting field so as to ensure that the websites of their clients are online all the time by upholding the 99.9% uptime.
Reliable server with 99.9% uptime
Uptime is one of the most magnificent features searched by many people as it usually guarantees that a site stays online at all times; Hostgator is able to guarantee an uptime of 99.9% of which you will never even realize that there was a downtime. This is usually facilitated by the fact that Hostgator has its own data center that is usually up to technology to ensure that the uptime of any downtime is maintained at 99.9%.

Reseller host plan

Hostgator offers one of the best offers in the name of reseller hosting plans, where one gets to enjoy the benefit of being able to use the allotted hard drive space and bandwidth in hosting third party websites. With these features, one can also be able to create unlimited websites under the same brand name. With this plan one can be able to choose the amount of bandwidth and disk space that he or she wants with various plans of the reseller host plan.

Cost effective

Hostgator offers lots of high quality services of which many of its competitors are usually not up to task, but at very affordable prices as compared to the competitors. One of the most important features with Hostgator is that one is always able to build a site for free as it is able to provide some of the best and easy to use tools. These tools are usually beneficial when one wants to design a website as the work is usually cut out and one can be able to use it swiftly.

AdWords voucher

Signing up with Hostgator, one is also able to ensure increased amount of traffic to ones site, this is usually beneficial especially when one is dealing with e-commerce and would require a good number of buyers to check out the products being offered .The AdWords voucher given for free usually enables people to use the AdWords for free without using any money

Unlimited domains

There is no better feeling than having at your disposal unlimited domain, and Hostgator is able to guarantee these at no extra cost.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage

Hostgator offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space to its clients at no cost to ensure that one is able to host more than one website in a single account
Unlimited MySQL and POP3 email account
Unlike its competitors, Hostgator goes the extra mile to offering unlimited MySQL and POP3 email account to its clients to ensure that one is able to build a big web application without any limitation.


This is another unique plan that Hostgator tends to offer which can usually be customized in order to cater for all the needs that one wants to attain with it. With the VPS plan one is usually offered the total access to the rooter such that one can be able to operate depending on needs .

Advanced programs

Hostgator always installs advanced programs to its clients, which essentially helps them run their websites this programs to include the likes of Joomla Drupal, and WordPress

Education opportunity

Education is one of the fundamentals of Hostgator as it usually dedicates its effort in educating its clients on various topics be it an IT professional or an entrepreneur, this is usually facilitated by it providing tutorials and education videos on various topics

Coupon code

Hostgator Also provides coupon codes that ensure people who want to start any online company to have a total risk free experience; the coupons come in different varieties thus one usually chooses one that fits his or her needs and here is where the customer support usually comes into focus by helping one choose the perfect coupon code.
 popular hostgator coupons

1.  Use the code25fatwallet” to get 25% off for the first three years.
2. Use the code 1centhoos  to get $9.94 off

Higher rankings

Hostgator is able to guarantee its clients websites command higher rankings in search engines such that one is able to attain a significant amount of traffic due to one appearing on the first page of search results.

Easy to switch feature

When one is hosted on another web provider and wants to switch to Hostgator web provider then one need not to worry of losing any personalized settings or experience any downtime of the sites as Hostgator usually ensures that there is a smooth transition for both parties.


Hostgator is the ultimate web provider with thousand of clients and more enrolling on a daily basis, this is usually facilitated by its high quality customer support that is usually at hand to make the webhosting experience of its clients smooth and worth the cost that is usually charged. A variety of software’s and programs makes it stand out as compared to their competitors .An uptime of up to 99.9% is one of the most essential factors that is usually sort by many people and Hostgator is able to guarantee this. With Hostgator for any of your websites you are guaranteed to always be online while maintaining huge amount of traffic.

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