Friday, October 25, 2013

Use Coupons If You Want to Save Money Online

A wise man once told why pay full price if you can pay it at a much lower price. This wise advice was what attracted me to helping others save money online through coupons especially on web hosting. Before I started blogging and doing internet marketing I was taught to get my very own domain name. Not only do I need to get my own domain but an SEO optimized domain name that is related to my niche. There are several articles in this blog that will help register your own domain and learn about how to purchase an SEO an optimized domain.  The money saving lists are as follows for domain tips:

  1. How Register Your Domain Name
  2. How to Save Money on your Domain name
After purchasing your SEO optimized domain name, it is important to purchase a quality web hosting service. I have reviewed and have tried other web hosting services out there and have found that Hostgator provides the best value for money for my web hosting needs. Not only does Hostgator provides the best value for your money they also provide coupons that will help you save a considerable amount of money on your web hosting like saving as much as 25% like when you use the coupon “25fatwallet” on your web hosting if you chose to avail of their yearly web hosting plans.
hostgator savings post Use Coupons If You Want to Save Money Online
Hostgator Coupons = 25fatwallet
Hostgator also provides the penny hosting which is you get to pay only $0.01 for your first month of web hosting like when you the popular Hostgator coupon:  “1centhoost” or “younesokok”. Imagine paying only a penny for your unlimited web hosting, unlimited disk space and be able to install unlimited domains on your Hostgator hosting.
It is important to use coupons if you are serious about saving money online. Coupons are amazing money savers that are used by companies to attract new customers. The only problem about coupons is that a lot of people don’t know where to look to find money saving coupons. Good thing is that there are websites like this website to help save money on your web hosting services. These coupons are FREE and have been proven to save customers a lot of money on their web hosting.

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